Abacus 5

Abacus 5 is the latest and most sophisticated model of Diatron’s range of Hematology Analyzers. The system utilizes a Diatron patented long-life diode laser-based optical measurement technology that ensures optimal performance using a high-tech flow cuvette. 

  • Its patented laser-based optical measurement technology was developed by Diatron
  • Offering accurate 5-part differential and 24 parameters
  • Uses only 3 reagents, plus cleaner
  • 60 samples/hour throughput
  • Large, color touch-screen
  • More than 100.000 records database capacity
  • WindowsTM based software and compatible printers are supported
  • Autoloader can be added at any time, with integral bar code reader for rapid data processing, sample mixer, cap recognition mechanism to avoid sampling error
  • Closed and open tube sampling
  • 4 USB ports


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