DUS 6 VET provides veterinary ultrasound solutions to meet your daily clinical requirements. It produces high sensitivity and resolution 2D images. The system’s specific veterinary application modules include reproductive software packages, animal-use transducer series, user-friendly operation interface and so on. All its outstanding solutions make DUS 6 VET a reliable and effective model for any veterinary sonographer.

• Abundant reproductive software packages for dog, cat, equine, bovine and ovine
• 10 inches non-interlaced monitor
• Backlit keyboard
• Two transducer connectors
• Multi-frequency transducer series, fulfill different applications
• Maximum frequency up to 10MHz
• Digital Beam former
• THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
• TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)
• IP (Image Processing) function
• 256-frame cine loop memory
• 56MB permanent image storage capacity
• USB ports support storage, transferring and printing
• DICOM 3.0 (optional)
• Footswitch (optional)
• Mobile trolley (optional)
• Carrying Case (optional)
• Keyboard dust-proof cover (optional)
• Needle-guided brackets (optional)

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