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The DATOSPIR-120 spirometer series has been developed based in the wide experience achieved by SIBEL, S.A. in such equipment, as in Spanish market as international ones.
This project has been developed with the collaboration of the Lung Function Laboratory of “Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau de Barcelona”. The device meets the criteria of standardisation of International Institutions: ERS (European Respiratory Society), ATS (American Thoracic Society), etc. as well as Local Institutions: SEPAR (Sociedad Española de Neumología y Cirugía torácica),etc.

DATOSPIR-120 presents 4 different models (A-B-C-D) suitable to the customer needs and it allows:

- Help on screen.
- Intuitive use through icons
- Data transfer via INTERNET.
- Large back-lighted display.
- SpO2 and MEP-MIP modules.
- Incentive for children.

Technical specifications


- Measuring range: Flow from 0 to +/- 16 l/s; volume from 0 to 10 l.

- Flow-Volume accuracy: 5% or 200 ml/s – 3% or 50ml, whichever greater (ATS,ERS)

- Flow resistance: <0.06kPa/l/s at 14 l/s (ATS,ERS)

- Display: Liquid crystal Display; 320x240 pixels. Area of 120x90mm.

- Printer: Thermal and graphic type of 58 or 112 mm. (2 or 4 inches) wide.

- Data input: Alphanumeric membrane keyboard.

- Maximum duration and number of manoeuvres: FVC, 25s (5 curves); VC, 45s (5 curves); MVV, 15 s (5 curves).

- Working temperature and humidity: 10 to 40ºC – Less than 75% without condensation (ATS,ERS)

- Safety Standards: IEC 601.1 (EN6060.1.1), UNE 20-613, IEC 601.1.1 (EN6060.1.1.1)

- Power supply : 200V-240V 50/60 Hz (other voltage on demand).

- Power: 25 VA (aprox).

- Dimensions: 210x297x95 mm.

- Weight: 1.7kg. (aprox).

Standard accessories

- W-20 Spirometry Software for PC.

- Transducer.

- Disposable mouthpiece (100u.)

- Nose clip (1u.)

- Thermosensitive paper of 58 or 111 mm. wide, according to model ( 2 rolls)

- Mains power supply.

- Connection and utilities software for PC.

- User’s manual.

Optional accessories

- MEP-MIP module accessories.

- SpO2 pulse oximetry module accessories.

- Disposable transducer.

- Carrying bag.

- Calibration syringe.

- Support trolley.

- Rechargeable battery.

- Bacterial filters.

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