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Comprehensive and portable, the Chartr 200 VNG / ENG from ICS is avestibular testing system that provides state-of-the-art features based on ICS’ 30 years of experience in audiology. It handles all traditional vestibular test functions and capabilities for securing data and consolidating patient records. Combining the two most important tests, video and electronystagmography, into ICS’ single device, it also incorporates a comprehensive test battery, customizable report templates and a built-in Interpretation Assistant™. The Interpretation Assistant™ is a unique diagnostic algorithm that supports you in making comfortable diagnoses and accurate test interpretations .

Precise, accurate data collection
Dedicated hardware ensures a smooth stimulus presentation and accurate data collection. For oculomotor tests, the device allows the collected data to be synchronized with the precise corresponding stimulus position and buffered-in hardware. The computer performs real-time data analysis without lagging or dropping data points.


Options to make your device work harder for you

The built-in ENG module completes the system and ensures that the clinic or office doesn’t have to turn away patients who can’t be tested using VNG and the goggles. ICS Chartr 200 is available in a VNG-only and an ENG-only device in addition to the combined model. The convenient remote-control or optional footswitch lets you operate the software from a distance, so personal contact with the patient can be maintained during testing.


Take it anywhere

In addition to its precision, accuracy and flexibility, the Chartr VNG / ENG system features effortless portability. Compact hardware and a lightweight light bar mean the device can be moved easily between offices and connected to a laptop via USB for off-site work. Lightweight VG40 Video Goggles add to the portability while also ensuring patient comfort. In addition, they are also noise- and drift-free.


Timesaving integration with ICS Caloric Irrigators and Evoked Potentials

Our computer-based VNG and ENG systems offer integration of the caloric stimulation function. The program remotely selects warm and cool temperatures. Test initiation simultaneously starts the recording and the caloric countdown timer.

Combining the ICS Chartr 200 with the ICS Chartr EP 200 provides a combined patient database. 

The ICS Chartr EP 200 offers the ability to collect a neurological ABR, Electrocochleography, and VEMP* which add value to the vestibular test battery.

*VEMP – not FDA approved


Comprehensive educational support

Users of ICS Chartr equipment can benefit from the best training and support in The industry. Our educational programs ensure that users will benefit from the best legacy in the profession including

  • Dr. Barin VNG/ENG courses
  • In-depth equipment training
  • Ongoing customer support
  • In-house training and on-line education (regional)
  • Our well-respected, “Insights in Practice”  
  • Demo patient data assists in the learning process


For more information on available courses or more educational material please refer to our Knowledge Center or contact your local Otometrics representative.

Features at a glance 
  • Complete test battery includes saccades, pursuit, optokinetics, gaze, positional, Dix Hallpike, calorics and headshake
  • Compact, portable hardware
  • USB connectivity
  • Comprehensive reporting even allows you to add your logo for customization.
  • Easy recording, review and transfer of digital video sequences allow you to share information with colleagues
  • After completing the static positional or caloric tests, the Interpretation Assistant™, a unique diagnostic algorithm that supports the user in making comfortable diagnoses and accurate test interpretations, provides an unambiguous presentation of findings that is easily transferred to the patient report or communicated to a referral source.
  • The remote control offers more mobility during tests that require additional patient contact
    Easy-access foot switch allows patient data collection while staying close to your patient
    VG40 Video Goggles with built-in fixation light for VNG are lightweight and portable
    2 or 4 channel ENG is available

Effects of Head Position on Caloric Responses

Alerting/ Mental Tasking During Vestibular Tests

Comparison of Water and Air Caloric Stimulation

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