F9 Express

The F9 Express, the fetal and maternal monitor, provides solutions for all areas of fetal monitoring, ranging from antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum clinical applications. With integrated monitoring of twins’ FHR, uterine activity, fetal movement, intrauterine pressure and direct ECG as well as maternal NIBP, SpO2, ECG and TEMP.


• High resolution color TFT-LCD screen (Touchable as optional)
• Great sensitive waterproof FHR transducer
• Flat surface design and waterproof TOCO transducer
• Fetal and maternal parameters both available
• Great monitoring waveform storage and playback
• Three monitoring interfaces
• Built-in long life thermal printer
• Compatible with 150/152 mm universal recording paper
• Compatible with American/International standard recording
• Signals Overlap Verification to separate twins FHR
• Internal monitoring function as optional
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Continuous post-delivery monitoring with maternal parameters: NIBP, SpO2, HR, ECG, TEMP
• Optional telemetry transducer system

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